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Anonymous asked: "I don't think you realise how happy some of us are that the tFioS movie is going to be shit."

I know, it looks horrific.

I know I’m gonna be in that theater like


"It was just so… [sob]… TERRIBLE.

Thoughts (Please and Thank You)?


So I’ve never read The Fault in Our Stars, but is anyone else bothered by the fact that it seems like Augustus only calls Hazel ‘Hazel Grace’, and does it like all the time?  If that were me I would have punched him in the face by now.  That’s not endearing, it’s annoying!  (Or just John Green being…John Green, I suppose…)

Also this tag is amazing, no lie.

Oh my GOD, THANK YOU. This annoys me so much. I guess it was meant to be romantic (uh…?), but I just find it INSANELY condescending. Probably because every time Augustus says ‘Hazel Grace’ he is arrogantly telling her what to do / why she is wrong about x,y,z / laughing off her concerns for her safety. Or, as John Green calls it, “flirting.”

Not to mention how HORRIFICALLY awkward it is when spoken aloud. Ansel Elgort is trying SO HARD to make the incessant ‘Hazel Grace’s flow naturally in the conversation but… nope. That’s not happening.

"I love you more than John Green loves himself"

a declaration of true love

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I mean, if John Green taught me anything, it’s that as a mentally ill female, my primary purpose in life is to be an attractive, submissive feminine ideal, and that, if I’m lucky, I might eventually get to kill myself so some drooping, pimply adolescent male can have a revelation about how ‘meaningful’ his own life is. 




this is the single most pretentious thing ive ever seen in my life im gonna vomit

Isn’t that the actor who plays her brother in Divergent?

lol I didn’t think John’s whole DID YOU GUYS NOTICE.  THAT WAS A METAPHOR.  RIGHT THERE.  DID U C WAT I DID THUR??? could get any more annoying.  turns out when shitty actors blurt it out for you: it.  gets.  worse.  



Anonymous asked: "If he really used that quote in a story to show how special a girl is, then wow, he's no better than guys who need to put down one women to explain another womans worth, like holy shit that's misogynist! Also is he even able to grasp that there is more to women/girls than the "shy intelligent bookish" type and the "vapid dumb popular" type? I feel kind of offended...on my own and every other female identifying persons behalf."


Anonymous asked: "your response to the 'the pretentiousness was intentional' argument?"

I am (and always have been) WELL AWARE that the pretentiousness was intentional.

Right. So the cigarette metaphor. It’s a mess. It’s a mess BECAUSE what it represents is clearly not whatever nonsensical “killing stick” thing Augustus comes out with. It really represents Augustus’s ~illusion of control~ over his fate, which ultimately he doesn’t have because, as we know, whether he lights up that cigarette or not, he is going to die. The scene where he’s too physically weakened to buy another pack of cigarettes is the moment where he loses that illusion. The fault is in our STARS, blah blah blah.

And John is pretty obvious about Augustus’s grandiosity (even in his use of the name ‘Augustus’ vs. ‘Gus’ in particular moments), and how it is a flaw of his. I guess he tries to rectify it in the end, when Gus identifies Hazel “I’m so apologetic about my mere existence I’m going to APOLOGIZE TO MY CANCER FOR TRYING TO GET RID OF IT” Lancaster as a paragon of humility? Ugh, let’s not even get into that mess.

My point is, I believe that the pretentiousness was intentional. Trust me, there’s no doubt in my mind about that. My issue is that I can tell that John wanted him to be a flawed but ultimately lovable character, and he definitely missed the bar on the ‘ultimately lovable’ part, for me. Augustus is just TOO pretentious. As usual, John overdid it.

The mere fact that Gus turns to Hazel and says “THIS IS A METAPHOR,” is unbelievable. It yanks you out of the narrative and makes you hyper-aware of the fact that you’re not only reading a novel, you’re reading a John Green novel where the metaphors are highlighted and diagramed for you, and the dialogue is painfully stilted and lacking ANY SENSE OF REALISM. And it makes you read Augustus as a DICK. An UNBELIEVABLE DICK.

I guess my point is SUBTLETY. Any degree of SUBTLETY in the presentation of the cigarette metaphor, or in the MANY OTHER SCENES where Augustus is bombastic to the point of embarrassment, would have saved this character.

But no, it’s John Green.

Anonymous asked: "That john green quote is from his story in 'let it snow' (there are three different stories by three different authors) and was said by the Duke, the girl love interest/secondary protagonist of the story"

I had a feeling it was gonna be another “she’s not like other girls!” moment. Because that is present in ALL OF HIS WRITING.

Anonymous asked: "I had to adblock the gif because it was giving me the creeps..."

HA the thing that is most objected to on this blog continues to be John’s face.

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itssehunbitch asked: "so I love this blog but I've been marathon reading it while getting angrier and angrier at that fucking side gif. why is his face even a thing that exists."

I keep it there as a reminder.