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"BBTTR!!!" more like "I’m totes fine with you imagining any of my characters of non-specified race as people of color, but definitely gonna be white in the movie version. Also, I won’t make any effort to suggest the filmmakers do otherwise."

Anonymous asked: "him calling it an honest mistake was also on the context of him talking about all the 'lost fitzgeralds' during war, as what great art we've lost, as opposed to, I dont know LIVES MAYBE?"

he did basically that with sylvia plath’s death if I remember correctly. it really grosses me out when people mourn what a person couldve done instead of mourn the person themselves. like it’s hard to explain, but it icks me out.

I know. Clearly John’s mission in life is to reduce everything (including people’s lives) to some offensively stupid metaphor. He did the same thing to Anne Frank:

Anne Frank was a pretty good example of a young person who ended up having the kind of heroic arc that Augustus wants—she was remembered and she left this mark that he thinks is valuable—but when he has to confront her death, he has to confront the reality that really she was robbed of the opportunity to live or die for something. She just died of illness like most people. And so I wanted him to go with a sort of expectation of her heroism and be sort of dashed.

(Like honestly, I’ve never heard a MORE dehumanizing or boldly inaccurate account of Anne Frank’s death in my life.)

It’s REALLY gross.

Anonymous asked: "an abundance of buttholes"

They already did a documentary about nerdfighteria.

Anonymous asked: "I'm guessing johns butthole will be optioned for a movie next."

Well, it’s either that or An Abundance of Katherines so… you’re probably right.

Anonymous asked: "john green called the Iraq war an honest mistake, yes honest, because our government was so honest when we invaded Iraq for "wmds" that were "totally" there"


Anonymous asked: "John Green is pretending he writes diverse characters because he never identified many of them as white. I wonder if Pudge and Alaska will be white in the movie then? I just can't stand Mr. Green acting like he doesn't view the world through his white male lens. Why doesn't he own his POV?"

John and Hank are always trying to appeal to as many people as possible, and they will ALWAYS prioritize that over anything they allegedly stand for.

Obviously John would brag about how progressive he is for making a character racially ambiguous. In literally ALL of the Looking for Alaska fanart I’ve seen, Alaska has been white. But what is it John’s always saying? The book belongs to the reader? I guess not when he’s throwing out some lazy “Dumbledore is gay”-esque comment after the fact.

It’s like when Hank made his video about the American prison system and didn’t mention race at all. They seem to think that the best way to address racism is to entirely avoid the subject of race.



this is embarassing

Hank, you are over 30, stop acting like a 13 year old.



this is embarassing

Hank, you are over 30, stop acting like a 13 year old.

"John Green is an idiot, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things."

Anonymous asked: "Wtf is up with nerdfuckers obession with money? I thought John hated capitalism."

"Every yacht that gets built does benefit people who live in poverty." - John Green

No, I’d say John is pro-capitalism, but he also has a very fundamental lack of understanding about practically everything he decides to talk about.

Anonymous asked: "Ha. Ha. Ha. While you make fun of John Green, he is making more money than you ever will. How does that feel?"

Haha well it feels pretty irrelevant.