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Anonymous asked: "So, I have to catch a plane early in the morning tomorrow, but I can't go to bed because this blog is so FREAKING AWESOME that I keep doing the "just 5 more minutes" thing, and I've basically been on here for two hours and counting. What have you done to me?!?! How can be expected to sleep when I have all this John Green-bashing glory in front of me??"

Oh god, what have I done.

Anonymous asked: "You're a fucking idiot."

Anonymous asked: "David Levithan's done some gross crud too. His book Every Day makes time to devote an entire chapter to fat-shaming. Apparently when you hit 300 pounds, you're the "emotional equivalent of a burp" (THAT'S A QUOTE). Oh, and you're so fat that you fill up the aisles of stores and knock things off the shelves. And you can barely lift your head when you wake up due to the monumental effort of moving at such a huge weight."

What the FUCK.

Anonymous asked: "i was never distinctly a nerdfighter, but i went through a brief period where i vaguely watched the vids (mainly the lizzie bennet diaries and crash course) even when i was watching them i felt a constant distinct dissappointment, like they had been so amped as beautiful and intellectual and thye just werent. Also as a queer person will grayson will grayson is gross and dissappointing. id criticize jg for only writing about cishets, but he clearly has no clue how to write non stereotyped people"

Oh god, it’s so true. His POC characters are given the same treatment. “Not white” and “not straight” can only mean “massively stereotyped, plucky side-kick” in John Green’s imagination. 

Anonymous asked: "What d oyou think about Frankenstein M.D.?"


Two people that hate John Green just greened. comapatient


Two people that hate John Green just greened. comapatient

Anonymous asked: "I don't really know how long ago that doobly doo ask was (im just looking through some antinerdfighter blogs) but wheezywaiter actually coined the term and john and hank just kinda stole it."

Pfff typical.

Anonymous asked: "John and Hank are a special breed of fuckboy. They are fuckboynerds and the kings of all those motherfuckers. Wil Wheaton is the court jester. Any more suggestions to the fuckboynerd royal family are welcome."

Haaa “Wil Wheaton is the court jester.”



The Fault In Our Casting.



The Fault In Our Casting.

Anonymous asked: ""...“this is uninteresting to me” is John’s eternal cop-out." I agree. I've noticed increasingly that this is his way of dismissing a great lot of concepts. So far, he's said adults, pets, hell, and apparently war "bore" him, but his reasons are either ridiculous (he simplifies adult lives as being vapidly simple and said pets are boring because they're inherently good) or nonexistent (no discussion of hell in his death-obsessed books because it just doesn't interest him.) Such bullshit."



Yes. I think MOST of these topics probably provoke some degree of existential angst for him.

Do you believe in God? Why can’t you write for adults? Is war inevitable / what do these centuries of violence reveal about human nature?

It’s so annoying to me that John thinks the most clever or useful way to address these ideas is to dismiss them as “uninteresting” (or “less interesting” than some tangentially related topic he would prefer to blather on about).

Really, these are incredibly interesting questions. His inability to FIND them interesting isn’t a sign of intelligence to me. All I hear when John calls something “uninteresting” is “I’d rather remain complacently ignorant about this than discuss it in any real way, because it makes me sad and I don’t have to care.”

Good for you, dude. We’re all so impressed.

(Not science sorry.)

Wait he finds the idea of hell boring?
What no?
Didn’t he go to seminary or study theology for sometime?
He’s an English major for fucks sake.
Inferno? No? No Exit? “Hell is other people”?

I am an atheist but even without belief the existence of the concept of hell is interesting. It shows up repeatedly in literature, of course, because why wouldn’t it? It exists in multiple forms in multiple religions and it likely, this is my 5 seconds of thought on it, is a human concept invented to fill some sort of need for justice even when we don’t have the control ourselves to deliver it. 

How. Is. That. Boring. To. Him. 

(I also find it incredible that he thinks adults are boring because like, unno. Teenagers are angsty and that’s neato but with adults you have a lot more…breadth. Most YA novels are about things that are intensely, transparently relatable — high school, teen romance, after-school-special-type dealios but one of my favorite books as a teenager was Rebecca and those are some freakin’ interesting adults. Catcher in the Rye is one of the few books that I think counts as both teen and literature [others include A Separate Peace] but that was also a book written for adults at the time of publication. Teen/YA fiction exists and it’s a genre I enjoy but I enjoy it more when the adults are full rounded characters as opposed to means to an end for their teen protagonists, or just a requirement to sweep under the rug when parents are inconvenient to the plot.)

And those were rambles.