Nerdfighter Fighter

Anonymous asked: ""No real reason?" Ohmygod. So many reasons to hate John Green. SO MANY. His SMUGNESS, for one. Take off the blinders. The guy is AWFUL."


Anonymous asked: "I like how you never address the key part of a question."

lol no, I don’t see the point in responding to the key part of a question that had an entirely false premise.

Anonymous asked: "People who devote their time to hating someone for no real reason are generally jealous. just sayin' dude"

An entire blog full of reasons why I hate John Green and not one of them was ‘real’.

Anonymous asked: "I like how you are implying that John Green has a giant dick. :("

lol guys it’s called a joke that i didn’t even make, calm yourselves

Anonymous asked: "the sidebar gif isnt as scary as the mobile heade imo.."

lol now that one is JUST his face.

Anonymous asked: "Please choke on a giant dick."


please, john. you’re married. we can’t.

Anonymous asked: "Just watch the video Gettin' Real with Hank and tell me you can still hate them"

…this was supposed to make me LIKE him?


Banned Books by the Numbers:




people who are praising the greens for disinviting sam pepper to the vidcon should be ashamed. they should not be praised for being standard human beings by banning that chauvinistic douche from coming. it was the right thing to…

Anonymous asked: "I didn't know how to interpret it except as creepy, so I added it to my adblock filter. No more creepy John Green!"

Oh my god.